About us


We offer ideas, designs and solutions for private and public sector clients to meet all budget and timescales. As our name suggests we work across the many ‘layers’ of any given project. Analysing your requirements, making recommendations and managing change to ensure we can help you meet your objectives, ultimately improving your business and showing a return on your investment is our passion.

Our collaborative approach exceeds our clients’ expectations time after time which is why they return to us for our expertise in these two key specialist areas.


The company was first conceived in 2006 as O’Shea Business Consulting (OBC) and as the name suggests, was founded by Strata’s current Director, Brendan O’Shea. In the early days, the consultancy was a traditional ‘one man’ organisation however, this did not hinder OBC from working on some notable projects including: European SAP implementations for multi-national projects, EU Transport portals, and development of the IT strategy for the ‘Building Schools for the Future projects in Leeds and Manchester.

Fast forward ten years to the formation of Strata Consulting, which has now grown into a thriving consultancy. We continue to work on some of the most prestigious projects in the North West including manchester Town Hall, GB Taekwondo – National HQ (in Manchester) and the HOME Manchester project. Throughout the company growth, Strata has remained true to it’s core value of ‘independent’ and ‘straight forward’ advice. Feedback from our clients reflects this and we believe that this fundamental work ethic is what separates us from similar business professionals.

We rebranded in June 2016 as we felt the time was right to refresh our brand and our industry profile. It was also a great opportunity to reflect on what we had become and what we wanted to grow into and it didn’t take long to agree on the name, STRATA. For us, Strata reflects on one of our core strengths: – The ability to work at any level within any organisation. This is important for us as it means that we can not only develop the strategy but we can deliver solutions that help our clients achieve their goals. We truly believe that we only succeed if our clients succeed.


Our independence is incredibly important to us, and as we are not affiliated to any other organisations our clients can be assured that our support and advice has no hidden agenda nor hidden motives.