Project Scope : Review of existing IT and Development of a new IT Strategy Project Overview: Ofsted recognised that their current IT infrastructure was becoming a blocker to the organisation. Strata were asked to undertake a review of the current IT operation and develop a new IT strategy. Strata identified;
  • A complex existing IT infrastructure that was preventing the Ofsted from adopting new ways of working.
  • Significant levels of duplication of data causing inaccurate decision making
  • An inability to develop Digital Services
  • Significant IT risks associated with unsupported legacy systems.
Having concluded the analysis of the “as is” state, Strata then developed a new IT Strategy. The key elements of the new strategy included;
  • A streamlined application strategy reducing system complexity, cost and reducing IT Legacy debt
  • A cloud based strategy thereby eliminating the need for 2 data centres
  • A high level Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • A new IT Governance Model
  • A 6 workstream implementation plan
By completing this strategic review, Strata have enabled Ofsted to make informed decisions to support Digital Transformation and IT investment decisions.
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